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Interest Rates: What Is Normal

SEPTEMBER 07, 2023

Consumer Spending and Credit Debt Impacts Inflation

AUGUST 17, 2023

So far, the economy is doing better than expected and the markets seem to expect a soft landing. What are we to make of this current market amid potential regime shifts in the economy?

In the latest edition of LPL Street View, Dr. Jeffrey Roach, Chief Economist at LPL Financial, addresses key takeaways for investors as they prep for the rest of this year. 

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Trends in the U.S.’ Fiscal Standing: What to Make of Fitch News?

AUGUST 02, 2023

The recent Fitch downgrade of the U.S. credit rating, from AAA to AA+, has been questioned in terms of its timing and likely impact on markets.  But it has raised some questions…

In this latest edition of LPL Street View, we examine the potential impact of the Fitch news, which we believe will be minimal in the near-term. However, we will also take a brief longer look at the message Fitch may be delivering in its most recent fiscal assessment.

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