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How We Monitor

We take the design, implementation and monitoring of our clients’ accounts very seriously. You can read about our approach to investing in more detail under the services/Investment Planning & philosophies tab at the top of our website.

What is Financial Planning?

  • Goal Setting
  • Current Financial Statements
  • Cash Management
  • College Planning
  • Retirement Income Planning
  • Investment Strategy
  • Tax Planning
  • Risk Management
  • Estate Planning
  • Regular Reviews

Our Approach to Investing

1. Start with a plan. Select a stock/bond allocation based on your goals and time horizon.

2. Have separate cash reserves.

3. Know your risk tolerance. Be prepared.

4. Asset allocation is a time tested strategy. Employ a broad range of asset classes. 

5. Utilize high level money managers for individual stock selection.

6. Disregard market timing.

7. Make timely adjustment to portfolios. 

8. Aim to Minimize investment costs.

9. Focus to Minimize taxes on investment gains. 

How We Monitor Your Investments

Client Centered


  • Broad account monitoring
  • Asset allocation reviews
  • Account activity reports


  • Deep dive on performance tracking & asset allocation results versus global benchmarks
  • Evaluating fund/money manager performance & strategy management
  • Asset allocation reviews & drift reporting on each client
Client Centered


  • Due diligence on individual money managers and asset allocation strategies
  • Overall product research to identify new products and services

Annual/Semi-Annual Client Meeting:

  • Account maintenance
  • Asset allocation decisions in relation to changes in client goals
  • Client may notify us of changes in their financial situation that may impact long term financial goals (i.e. large purchases, employment changes, early retirement etc.)
  • Rebalancing, fund replacement, strategy revisions.
Client Centered


  • Stock Market and Economic Market Analysis
    • Macro: Wellbeing overall economy
    • Fundamental: Wellbeing of individual companies and relative valuation
    • Technical: Identifying market patterns
      • Style: Growth vs. Value, Bottom vs. Top Down, Qualitative vs. Quantitative

All investing involves risk including loss of principal. No strategy, including but not limited to asset allocation, assures success or protects against loss.  Rebalancing a portfolio may cause investors to incur tax liabilities and/or transaction costs.