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Trends in Charitable Giving

Trends in Charitable Giving

November 29, 2023

A Proactive Mindset

Changes in the world over the last decade demand updated strategies to maximize impact of charitable giving. The worldwide shake-ups we have seen also opened opportunities to lay foundations for effective philanthropic efforts. Increasingly, professional advisors recognize the two-way benefit of an educated client. A new generation is excited about philanthropy and given a chance, they ask good questions about where and how their donation, whatever it may be, is applied.

Charitable giving can be the active engagement of time, talent and/or treasure. Betsy Trew, Executive Director at WCCF, notes that “…charity is an emotional process.” The giving experience is enhanced by connecting local donors with their community. Including your client’s other advisors will add additional benefits to the conversation as well. It can also help can alleviate fears or over commitment or misplaced gifts that donors may be feeling.


Philanthropy Resources

Community Foundations, like WCCF, have taken a role in identifying well-managed charities within local communities. Their database, called Community Snapshot, helps to provide an accurate assessment of the community’s needs and match the most appropriate donor support. Although a conversation about charities may not be a regular part of your professional conversations, the added value of proactive donor discussions demonstrates a sensitivity toward the client’s holistic planning world. There are other resources, like Charity Navigator ( or GuideStar ( on an international scale to vet and research the organizations they are considering supporting.

Read more about how to use the WCCF database HERE

New Rules

As the charitable giving landscape adapts to tax code adjustments, many families we serve appreciate an exploratory conversation about their charitable intentions. By encouraging an active role in charitable giving, we can maximize the gift and protect the client’s financial security. Partnering with your professional advisors ensures contributions are coordinated from a financial, legal and tax perspective and helps create mutually beneficial gifts.

Because of itemization rule changes, adjustments to required distributions, or unrelated changes to their situation or intentions. We must commit more thought toward charitable contribution maximization. New deduction strategies might include gift bunching/bundling. Look for an upcoming article about maximizing tax strategies for charitable giving.

The Takeaway

Generational trends in charitable giving reflect a growing want for a deeper connection between donors and the charitable organization. Stein Wealth Advisors can help you and your family to lay the groundwork for progressive wealth and charitable giving management for generations to come.


-The Stein Wealth Advisor Team-



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