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Our Approach to Investing

Our Approach to Investing

  • Start with a plan. Select a stock/bond allocation based on your goals and time horizon
  • Have separate cash reserves
  • Know your risk tolerance. Be prepared
  • Asset allocation is a time tested strategy. Employ a broad range of asset classes
  • Utilize high level money managers for individual stock selection
  • Disregard market timing
  • Make timely adjustment to portfolios
  • Aim to Minimize investment costs
  • Seek to Minimize taxes on investment gains
How We Monitor Your Investments

How We Monitor Your Investments


  • Broad account monitoring
  • Asset allocation reviews
  • Account activity reports


  • Deep dive on performance tracking & asset allocation results versus global benchmarks
  • Evaluating fund/money manager performance & strategy management
  • Asset allocation reviews & drift reporting on each client
Client Centered


  • Due diligence on individual money managers and asset allocation strategies
  • Overall product research to identify new products and services
  • Account maintenance
  • Asset allocation decisions in relation to changes in client goals
  • Client may notify us of changes in their financial situation that may impact long term financial goals (i.e. large purchases, employment changes, early retirement etc.)
  • Rebalancing, fund replacement, strategy revisions.
Client Centered


  • Stock Market and Economic Market Analysis
    • Macro: Wellbeing overall economy
    • Fundamental: Wellbeing of individual companies and relative valuation
    • Technical: Identifying market patterns
      • Style: Growth vs. Value, Bottom vs. Top Down, Qualitative vs. Quantitative

All investing involves risk including loss of principal. No strategy assures success or protects against loss.  Rebalancing a portfolio may cause investors to incur tax liabilities and/or transaction costs.