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Stein Wealth Advisors, LLC


Who We Are

Your Anchor for Financial Services

We are headquartered in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania and proudly serves a diverse clientele throughout McMurray, Southpointe and the greater Pittsburgh area. Our considerable experience and long-term commitment to excellence are essential when making critical decisions about your financial future. We are more than just financial advisors. We are professionals partnering with Mid Atlantic Financial Management and you to create a customized plan designed to help you reach your life goals. In the volatile world of financial planning, it is important to choose a financial advisor with integrity who understands how to create stability while keeping you on course. We get to know you and your personal objectives while mapping out the route to your desired destination. We take pride in providing personalized service on all matters pertaining to your financial assurance. Our clients include individuals and businesses, all of whom trust in our ability to guide them through both calm and stormy seas. We stand behind our financial advice and continuously monitor your individual circumstances to proactively manage and identify opportunities. We know that actions taken today, define tomorrow. We look forward to planning your journey with you. Please contact our office today to schedule a complimentary, no obligation consultation or to receive our brochure.

We Listen to You

Our first and most important missions is to understand and determine your specific goals and objectives. We begin by preparing a detailed financial profile and tailored analysis. As seasoned professionals, we can use this profile to guide you through the financial sea of setting your goals and objective. Having an in-depth understanding of your needs and goals is fundamental to the process of how we work with you.

We Listen to Proven Professionals

As part of our holistic planning approach, we integrate other respected professionals such as world class money managers, economic analysts, CPAs and attorneys into the process to ensure all aspects of your financial life are taken into account. We make investment recommendations only after considering a wide range of investment products and always with your best interests in mind. Our investment recommendations are continually evaluated and updated to pursue your personal financial goals.

What Makes Us Different?

Personal, Continual Attention

  • Brainstorming sessions to answer the questions: What are your goals? Where are you now?
  • Regular, ongoing review meetings and contact with your advisor
  • Specific recommendations to help you get and stay on track for your goals
  • Continual monitoring of your investments
  • Our Bi-monthly Newsletter to keep you informed
  • Your invitation to our special events