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Let Us Help You Plan Your Direction


Stein Wealth Advisors’ mission is to understand your unique situation and deliver effective solutions to achieve your particular goals. We have created a holistic planning approach that integrates your specifics with input from respected professionals, such as world-class money managers, economic analysts, CPAs and attorneys. After our careful evaluation we make investment recommendations focused on your best interests.

Step 1: Initial Meeting - 
No Obligation, No Charge

  • We meet for approximately one hour and twenty minutes.
  • We listen to your concerns and questions.
  • We ask about your short-term and long-term goals.
  • We seek to understand what is important to you.
  • We gather your current financial data so that we can research and design a tailored investment strategy for you.
  • We educate you about our process, services & fee structure.
  • Click here for a PDF version of “What to Know about Financial Planning.”

Step 2: Second/Third Meeting - 
Strategic Recommendations

  • We meet for approximately two hours.
  • We review your assets, liabilities, current investment strategies & progress towards your goals.
  • We give specific investment & savings solutions & present definite courses of action.
  • We provide basic investment education as well as a complete review of product options to optimize your financial goals.
  • We identify risks & address ways to mitigate those risks.
  • We clearly outline fees/expenses.
  • We elicit your feedback and answer questions about concepts or any part of the proposed financial picture. 
  • We help implement all recommendations for you.

Step 3: Review & Setting Expectations

  • We review all items we have implemented.
  • We identify items we will address in the future.
  • We review frequently asked questions.
  • We review online access, account statements, & general expectations.
  • We decide what our relationship will look like moving forward.
  • We clarify all lingering questions/concerns.

Step 4: Ongoing Service

  • We continuously monitor your investments.
  • We schedule ongoing review meetings and personal contact with your advisor.
  • We send you our Bimonthly Strategic Advisors Newsletter, our Monthly Economic Review-Update and specialized, on-point emails and articles on current financial matters.
  • We are always open to your calls or emails when you want more contact.

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Click here for a detailed outline of the Stein Wealth Advisors Client Process.

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Your initial consultation with us is always at no cost or obligation to you. We commit to clearly answer your questions about initial and ongoing costs and fees and let you know what you can expect to receive.  

Our goal is to be completely transparent regarding fees. Generally we charge a flat fee for our services which is an annual fee that is automatically deducted from our clients’ accounts on a quarterly basis. Our fees range from 1.3% down to 0.7% depending on the amount of assets we manage for you. During our initial consultation we will review our fee structure with you in detail. For clients who do not have assets that are managed by us directly we charge a flat annual fee that ranges between $1,500 and $5,000 per year. Our clients are never tied to us and are able to cancel their services at any time if they choose. We pride ourselves on being a full and fair disclosure firm where our clients know exactly what they are paying with no hidden or extra fees.



Your initial consultation with us is always at no cost or obligation to you. We commit to clearly answer your questions about fees and let you know what you can expect to receive for those fees.